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IT Support Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the classroom training? 

Participants complete a 16-week training course that includes the Google IT Support Certificate and JVS’s Emotional Intelligence and Job Search training. Participants learn the foundations of IT Support through a combination of self-guided learning and instructor-led classes.

Participants receive:

  • 260 hours of online study on the Google IT Support Certifications training. 
  • 64 hours of classroom training consisting of lessons and labs led by an IT Support Professional 
  • 10 hours of JVS’s Emotional Intelligence Suite which introduces our participants to critical customer support skills  
  • 20+ hours of Career and Job Search training 

By the end of the classroom training, participants receive:

  • Google IT Support Certification 
  • Program Completion Certificate issued by JVS 

Internship Orientation and Preparation Training

Before beginning, participants receive a 2-hour orientation training that provides them with essential information about their upcoming internship.

How long is the internship?

Internships are 2-3 months and 32 hours per week. 

What is expected of the employer during the internship?

Employers are expected to provide a work and learning opportunity that will allow interns to engage in tasks and responsibilities that will reinforce and expand their classroom training. The goal is to provide the intern with experience and growth opportunities to build their confidence and position them for employment in an IT Support role.

Halfway through the internship, JVS will provide the employer with a Performance Evaluation Form to measure the intern’s progress and to identify areas for growth. Employers are encouraged to go over the performance review with their intern. JVS staff may also meet with the intern to discuss the outcomes of their performance review. 

Who arranges the internship schedule?

The employer and intern determine their specific internship schedule. 

Does my intern need to complete a specific number of hours?

The goal is for interns to complete between 32 hours a week for a 2–3-month period. The particulars (hours, weeks) of the internship can be worked out with JVS staff prior to onboarding an intern. 

Who are the JVS contacts for program and internship matters?

Leo Corella, Director of Business Development:, 415-297-0350

Can the intern work overtime?

No, interns are not allowed to work more than 8 hours a day (not including lunch). Overtime payment is not provided during the internship program. 

Does the host employer need to onboard the intern into their HR and Payroll systems? 

There are two options: 

  • Option 1: The host company manages the internship internally, having their HR and Payroll team handle onboarding and wage payment.  
  • Option 2: JVS manages the intern’s onboarding and wage payment through a third-party employer of record, Signature Staffing. With this option, the intern wages are paid on a weekly basis by Signature Staffing. The intern will be covered with liability insurance and workers comp. If this option is preferred, the employer will be charged a 25% administrative fee on top of the wages and invoiced at the end of the internship. 

What is the host employer’s financial contribution and how does it work? 

  • JVS can subsidize the first month of the interns wages up to 160 hours (160hrsx$20= $3200).  
  • Employers will be responsible for internship wages for months 2-3 which will include a 25% admin fee if they use the JVS employer of record option. (320hrsx$20hr=$6,400×1.25= $8,000) 

Can I hire my intern before the internship period is completed? 

Yes! If you would like to hire your intern before the internship is complete, please contact JVS and let us know.  We prefer that interns complete a minimum of two weeks of internship. If hired early, the intern will still receive a certificate of completion from the program.  

Does JVS help interns find a job after the program?

Yes! JVS works with participants on revising their resumes and refining their interview skills. If you choose not to hire your intern following the internship, JVS will work with them on their job search and provide accountability and encouragement while they are looking for an IT Support role.  

Do employer hosts need to do anything after the program is completed? 

If you decide to hire an intern from the JVS training program, please let us know! We will also ask the intern to share their offer letter with us. This information remains confidential, but we must collect employment placement verification as a requirement from our funders.

What if my IT Support intern wants to pursue a higher career path like Cyber Security? 

JVS supports IT Support graduates by offering advancement training opportunities, including in Cyber Security. To be qualified for the training they must have completed the JVS IT Support training and have worked 1280 hours as an IT Support professional. Once they have successfully completed this requirement, JVS will support them in getting advancement training that includes access to online curriculum, instruction, coaching, and support services.

If you have an additional question not covered in these Frequently Asked Questions, please contact