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About JVS

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Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) is a nonprofit working to close opportunity gaps in employment by supporting jobseekers with the skills and confidence to secure quality careers with family-sustaining wages.


We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves access to quality jobs and economic mobility. Every day, we invest in skills training, employer engagement, and systems-level change across California, because when we work towards equitable paths to opportunity, individuals, families, employers, and communities can thrive.

What sets us apart:

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Extensive Expertise

With more than 50 years of experience, JVS is a leader in providing holistic employment services to jobseekers in our community. Our diverse team has in-depth knowledge of the job market, career pathways, and effective strategies to help individuals achieve their goals. Through a cohort-based model, we address both the immediate needs and long-term career growth of our participants in a supportive community.

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Lasting Impact

Our programs and services are transformative and empower individuals to gain vital skills, find meaningful employment, and build fulfilling careers with family-sustaining wages. On average, JVS graduates earn 120% more four years after graduation, compared to one year prior with an average salary of $95k annually.

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Dedication to Innovation

We embrace innovation and continuously adapt to the evolving needs of the job market and the people we serve. We stay ahead of industry trends, incorporate emerging technologies, and provide training in cutting-edge skills to ensure individuals are equipped with the tools they need for success in a rapidly changing world.

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Strong Community Partnerships

We have strong partnerships with local educational institutions, employers, government agencies, and community organizations. These collaborations enable us to stay connected to emerging industry trends, tap into diverse talent pools, and provide ongoing support to both employers and employees.

Our Mission

JVS transforms lives by helping people build skills and find work to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Impact

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Since 1973, JVS has helped more than 100,000 people across California access quality jobs and economic mobility.

In 2023, we:

  • Served more than 1475 Californians
  • Increased the percent of JVS jobseekers who identify as Black, Latine, AANHPI or people of color to 90%
  • Continued to assist with the passage of transformative policy initiatives, including AB 1236, SB 779, and AB 1273

Check out our 2023 Impact Report

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News & Updates

JVS Leadership

JVS is led by a team of dedicated, collaborative and innovative professionals. Get to know our senior staff members and Board of Directors.

Join Our Team

Our work is innovative, intellectually stimulating and mission-driven. We invest in the professional development of our staff and value an inclusive and diverse workplace. JVS also offers generous benefits, including 4 weeks of vacation, retirement plan matching, full medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees, and more.

We are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and to advancing economic mobility and racial equity. We recognize the intersectional challenges faced by historically disinvested communities and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone has equitable access to opportunities.

We actively work towards dismantling systemic barriers that perpetuate economic and racial inequities. Through our programs, services, and advocacy work, we strive to address the historical disparities faced by so many in our communities, particularly those who identify as Black, Latine, Indigenous, and AANHPI, as well as people who identify as women, veterans, and LGBTQIA+, by providing equitable access to resources, training, and employment opportunities.

We embrace diversity and value the unique contributions of individuals from all backgrounds and we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that respects and uplifts all voices. We actively pursue knowledge-building and dialogue that challenges biases, cultivates allyship, and promotes racial equity.

We believe that true progress requires ongoing, collective action and we are committed to creating a more just and equitable society, where everyone is seen for their true potential, and where everyone can thrive regardless of their race, ethnicity, social identity, or country of origin.

JVS & the Jewish Community

We take great pride in our organization’s Jewish heritage and the values it upholds. Rooted in Jewish traditions of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Tzedakah (charitable giving), our organization is guided by the principles of social justice, compassion, and communal responsibility.

As an organization led by Jewish values, we draw strength from the rich history and teachings that guide us in our work. We embrace the Jewish values of inclusivity, justice, respect for diversity, and the pursuit of knowledge. These values inform our commitment to serving individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths, fostering an environment of understanding, empathy, and collaboration.

Reports & Financials

At JVS Bay Area, our remarkable history spans more than 50 years, during which we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to sound financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility. We are deeply grateful for the invaluable support provided by individuals, corporations, foundations, community partners, and public agencies. It is through their generous contributions that we are able to carry out our work in California communities.

Requests for Proposals

Discover partnership opportunities with JVS Bay Area through our active Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and join us in making a meaningful impact in our community.