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Amrutha: Finding a New Career in Bookkeeping

November 22, 2021

Meet Amrutha


Amrutha emigrated to the US from India in 2005, received her green card, and began working for the City of Dublin. She had been working as an accounting clerk for two years until COVID-19 hit, which triggered layoffs that included jobs in Amrutha’s department. Amrutha was let go in March 2020.

“If it hadn’t been for COVID-19, I would have worked there for many years to come, but I was forced into the overwhelming situation of searching for a job along with thousands of others who were competing for the same positions.”

Amrutha then found JVS’s newly-created Bookkeeping program, which included a paid internship with an automotive accessory company. She knew that learning QuickBooks accounting software would be an advantage to her work experience and help to advance her finance career as she worked towards her dream of starting her own bookkeeping company.

The learning process has been Amrutha’s favorite part of the paid internship. “I am so happy to be able to train and still earn a paycheck. I know I’m in good hands with JVS.” With the help of our training program, Amrutha has sharpened her bookkeeping skills and gained the experience she needs to continue on her career path and towards her goal of financial stability.