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A Career Pivot Amidst Covid: Library Supervisor to Tech Recruiter

June 29, 2022

Meet Marisela. After losing their job in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marisela knew they had to make a career pivot. They applied to many different roles highlighting their transferable skills, but seemingly more qualified candidates would always get the job. Marisela had the skills required to enter the workforce, but needed to learn new job search skills that would support them in finding a role in today’s changing climate. 

It all started when Marisela joined a TechSF orientation to get more support with their job search. It was there that they learned about JVS and our Job Search Accelerator (JSA) Program, which runs for two weeks and offers job seekers the most up-to-date job seeking tactics for research, interviewing, marketing, and networking. 

“I started JSA in November 2020, after a month of applying to jobs and getting nowhere,” shared Marisela. “I learned so much about what I was doing wrong in my job search and what I should be doing.”

Through the JSA program Marisela connected to a variety of free skills training programs in San Francisco, and a professional network that would boost their confidence and connect them to new opportunities. Marisela crafted a resume that would work within applicant tracking systems, giving them a greater chance of standing out to recruiters. 

The JSA program is not limited to technical skills, and Marisela was inspired and motivated by others in their JSA cohort.

“Having a supportive cohort gave me the confidence to talk about myself and network with strangers. When two other people in my cohort introduced themselves with they/them pronouns, I felt comfortable to use my pronouns for the first time,” shared Marisela.

Then, Marisela learned about a recruitment sourcer role at Meta through WorkforceLinkSF, an online portal for job seekers organized by the City of San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development. They applied, passed the initial phone screening, and continued on to the next round of interviews. Their hard work paid off: Marisela officially started their new Sourcing Specialist role at Meta this past April. 

“I’m super grateful and really excited! All of the Meta employees have been incredibly down-to-earth and helpful,” shared Marisela. “They really care about connecting with other people like I do, so I feel comfortable being myself.”