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Monica: Finding a Love for Dental Assisting

November 20, 2022

Meet Monica

Monica smiling

Monica had spent decades working in the automotive industry until the day her company closed and she lost her job. “This was a turning point for me. I could either go to another automotive shop and start all over at entry level pay, or I could make a career shift and invest in a long-term career path.” The healthcare field felt like a secure industry to enter and launch a second career. Monica tried finding training programs through the unemployment office, but the system was slow and unresponsive. “I was distraught from spending so much time chasing them down for information, and then I finally found JVS’s Dental Assistant program.”

JVS was responsive and enrolled Monica at once. She learned all the basic dental skills needed in our accelerated, 14-week training program. Just as the paid externship part of the program was about to begin, COVID-19 hit. “It was tough because I had been really counting on that paycheck. JVS jumped in and provided us with a stipend to keep us afloat while the dental offices were closed.” Through JVS’s employer connections, Monica secured an interview at SmileSF as soon as they reopened their office.

“I completed the interview and just signed my offer letter for a full-time position! It feels unbelievable to find a job so fast in this pandemic.” Monica finally has a career she is excited to grow into. She plans to sit for the Registered Dental Assistant exam in a few months. “My transformation has been nothing short of amazing. I owe it all to JVS.”