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UCSF: Investing in Talent & Shifting Hiring Practices

October 22, 2022

Nearly two decades ago, UCSF and JVS connected to support local job seekers on their path towards greater economic mobility. Initially partnering to host informational brown bags for job seekers, the relationship has grown into a deep partnership that includes multiple training programs that support local community members with starting and advancing in careers in clinical medical assisting, medical administration, and IT support. 

Following UCSF’s expansion to Mission Bay in 2009, UCSF and JVS partnered on a pilot medical administrative assistant training program, still known today as Excellence through Community Engagement and Learning (EXCEL). The goal of the program was to offer no-cost training, paid work experience, and career opportunities to local community members living in historically disinvested communities, while also supporting UCSF with developing a pipeline of quality untapped talent. After successfully graduating more 400 people in over 20 cohorts of EXCEL, the partnership expanded to include a medical assisting training program, career advancement training program, and IT support training program. “We’re so grateful for our partnership. There’s a real alignment with our values and dedication to the community, which is critical,” shared Kelly Anglim, Workforce Development Programs Administrator at UCSF. 

For UCSF, it has been a priority to have greater, and more equitable, economic impact locally and over the years the institution has increased its investment in workforce and community development initiatives. In 2016, UCSF launched its Anchor Institution Initiative, which focuses on increasing UCSF’s capacity to train, hire and promote people from local historically disinvested communities; direct more spending toward local community businesses; and to explore local social impact investing opportunities. 

“Our partnership with JVS has supported us in identifying local and statewide opportunities for workforce development, which has the opportunity to change the trajectory of workforce strategy in communities across California. We need partners that think expansively and help us push the envelope, and JVS helps us do just that.” 

– Michael Jones, Workforce Development Organizational Consultant at UCSF

As part of this community-focused initiative, UCSF is in ongoing conversation with community-based organizations, including JVS, to address barriers in its hiring, onboarding and advancement processes to ensure greater equity, inclusivity, and retention. To date, UCSF has made significant strides in shifting its hiring policies related to cannabis use, in support of hiring those previously involved in the criminal justice system, as well as other strategic talent approaches to expand access to good jobs and careers at UCSF. 

JVS knows that engaging with partners like UCSF is essential to transforming the world of work so that individuals, families, employers, and communities can thrive.