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OneTen: Uplifting Black Talent

October 22, 2022


OneTen aims to close the opportunity gap for Black talent in America by creating opportunities to earn success and ignite potential for generations to come. The coalition connects Black individuals without four-year college degrees with leading education and skill-building organizations, committed employers with family-sustaining jobs, and talent support services.

“OneTen’s mission of placing Black talent without four-year degrees into family-sustaining jobs is achievable in large part because of talent development partners like JVS. They provide high-quality vocational training, job readiness, career counseling, and job placement services. As a OneTen partner, JVS is transforming the American hiring ecosystem and breaking down barriers to create a more equitable playing field.”

– Maurice Jones, CEO, OneTen

As an organization committed to ensuring greater racial equity in the workforce, JVS joined OneTen as a talent developer in 2022. We know that our collective success is born through strong partnerships, coalitions, and learning with and from our peers. Through this partnership, JVS is connecting with new employers who have committed to hire Black talent, and gaining additional resources to work with employers to change their hiring practices and mindsets.